Wonderful quote, if you can ignore the "loose". I see people use loose in place of lose all over the place and it drives me crazy! Loose and lose don't even have remotely similar definitions! Get it right people!End of rant.

interesting quote

Listen To That Feeling : Doesn't being scared let you know you're on to something important? If you're not scared, you're not taking a chance. If you're not taking a chance, then what the hell are you doing?

Golden Ratio Caliper

Sören Berger Golden Ratio Caliper

the truth

Typography Quotes QUOTATION - Image : As the quote says - Description Saul Bass / design is thinking made visual. I think good design helps you to understa

the miseducation of the doodle

PRESENT Play Personality: Artist/ Creator- When I have my mind set on an idea/picture, I'm focused on just that, drawing! Quality Of Play: Freedom from time- I get so wrapped up in completing a picture, I hardly notice so much time have passed by.

Sketching:the visual thinking power tool

Sketching: the Visual Thinking Power Tool · Sketchbooks are not about being a good artist, they are about being a good thinker.

design for disassembly

Afterlife: An Essential Guide To Design For Disassembly, by Alex Diener -