chaussons tricot avec semelles

Genius slipper design where you knit a short "scarf", fold and sew onto your bottom. **Cut soles from felt or even leather/suede, and crochet the fabric strip (or hell, sth that simple I can knit).

Petits chaussons roses qui pourraient être... bleus

DIY Adorable Knitted Baby Booties

DIY Adorable Knitted Baby Booties 2 These are exactly like the one my Mom, Dorothy Dunham would make for all the babies.

Knitting pattern: Warm Feet Baby Booties by Julia Noskova,

Warm Feet Baby Booties pattern by Julia Noskova

Knitting pattern: Warm Feet Baby Booties by Julia Noskova, These are precious. No baby pink, yellow, or blue.

For winter make with fleece fabric. For cold camping or winter walking.

Robin Hood Bandana Cowl

i would like this more if it were more straight across the front Ravelry: Robin Hood Bandana Cowl pattern by Grace Rose.

Free knitting pattern for Tabard Vest and more vest knitting patterns

Vest Knitting Patterns

Des idées d'associations de couleurs, à garder en memo pour ne pas se tromper :)

Yarn Color Inspiration via Be Sweet Yarns Great color combination ideas for quilts


SIX-SHELF YARN AND CRAFT ORGANIZER from Patternworks. The side pockets are a nice touch. Or a normal closet organizer with pockets on the side, you could add them yourself!

Hooded Scarf/Wrap.

Hand Knit white hood-Scarf with cable Pattern Made to order

Dang I wish it were crochet,,,,Hand Knit Hood Scarf From Cable pattern Merino Wool by tvkstyle no pattern - but it's so pretty!

Baby slippers. Pattern

The most adorable newborn booties! Read down the web page for English instructions chaussons_pruline_tricot

sac pour bouteille

Bolster Bag Yarn Caddy Pattern