Stacking Baskets - Natural Home Decor - Jute and Cotton

crochet pattern: round jute and cotton stacking baskets, and more

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Who's getting crafty? Make these pretty crocheted earrings for the summer and have fun wearing them.

Brian is going to kill me when the whoooole house is covered with crochet projects, but I love this! Crochet baskets using hemp or twine. Great for added stiffness and stability.

PACKING TWINE is the star here. (This is a german site, would have to use english pattern.) Crochet storage bowls from packing twine - nice alternative!

Totoro au crochet

Crochet "Totoro" free pattern by Lucy Ravenscar. Amigurumi (type of stuffed, crocheted toy). If you have not seen "My Neighbor, Totoro", you're missing out!