by Caribbean Colors

A Conversation Between Four Chairs with a great friends in the beach setting at Australia Gold Coast.

Beach, palm trees, sand, blue sky

Palm trees, white sand, blue sky and turquoise water~ a trip of a lifetime to a paradise island

Caribbean ~ Fishing Boat

"Eating guava by the sea" --------------------- Caribbean paradise - Archipelago San Blas, the land of Kuna Indians, Panama.

Fishing boat

A mini bride and groom shoot down with all the colourful fishing boats would be magical.


Humanity's beauty Children of the Caribbean Island of Martinique

L'anse Caffar, Marin, #Martinique, Caribbean - juste assez d espace pour préserver l intimité de deux amoureux !!!

L'anse Caffar, Marin, Martinique, Caribbean [my uncle's family had a summer place along this very beach where we could see that rock - Diamante - too.


The island of Martinique. (To the northwest lies Dominica, to the south St Lucia, and to the southeast Barbados.) The first European to encounter the island was Christopher Columbus in

Marche aux Antilles

Sweet, Spicy, Smooth & Savoury Sweet~the pineapple & ripe plantains, spicy~the peppers , smooth~the best avocados/pears you'll ever have & savoury - the taste of the Caribbean!

Saint François, Guadeloupe

A voir, à faire sur place

On this night of our first sticking, blustery snowfall, yes please!