Maryléne Nowak

Maryléne Nowak

Bonjour,Je m'appelle Maryléne G 24ans j'habite dans le 62 . Je suis mariée et maman d'un petit wilhem né le 16.06.10 !!!
Maryléne Nowak
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Picking whether to adopt a Male Maine Coon or Female Maine Coon Cat is not easy as both genders offer up different traits that make them good house pets.

Great expression.

A characteristic of the Maine Coone breed is the tuffs at the end of their ears and a massive ruff around their necks

I looked up when someone was painting and the black paint fell right on my nose, does someone have a rag?

[Calico Maine Coon: " De only thing wrong in tryin' to pleez everyones - der willz always be one purrson dat willz be unhappy - yoo.