Comment faire une belle coupe végétale en ciment.

DIY Concrete Leaf Bird Bath DIY Concrete Leaf Bird Bath - love this idea! Those leaves look like rhubarb leaves to me. Hmmm may have to do something like this. Especially if I do a cob house some day, this would be a great wall feature/shelf.

Cute Stone Craft | DIY & Crafts Tutorials. Une idée originale pour son jardin - petits Totoros

We have one of these and someone put a piece of a popsicle stick and wrote "Rock Concert" - Love Rock Art.Garden Trinkets - Awesome Ideas, Projects and Tutorials! Including, from 'instructables', this creative 'garden thing' project with rocks.

DIY || Pot Métallique

Do two tone faucet with this Spray paint cheap terra cotta pots! -- 29 Cool Spray Paint Ideas That Will Save You A Ton Of Money

Garden Flower Rock Art

Over 20 of the BEST Garden Ideas & DIY Yard Projects - everything from yard art, planters, garden stones, green houses, & more!

pour animer un dallage un peu monotone

Knap: To Chip Rock

A whimsical grapevine, with colorful tile leaves and cullet glass clusters of grapes, on a stone porch built by Jim DuBois

trucs jardin Plus


Une pampille d'eau

dripping faucet I'm so doing this in my yard. it won't be a working faucet so no need to have it tapped into the water line. just a pipe and faucet from the hardware store and a crystal from the craft store, and an old bucket from the thrift shop.

Comment bouturer un rosier ?

Comment bouturer un rosier ?

décoration de jardin suspension ardoise "un air campagne" : Accessoires de maison par troglodyte-mignon

Ardoise décorative brute- Décoration de jardin- Tuile-Panneau-Pancarte-Un air de campagne"

décoration de jardin suspension ardoise "un air campagne" : Accessoires de maison par troglodyte-mignon

Pierres d'origine pour les chemins de jardin, des fontaines, des ruisseaux de jardin et abreuvoirs pour <a class=

This is a great idea I just made my first leaf a week ago and was looking for a way to use them. Decorative idea for the leaves.looks like a mini garden water feature.