mathias thomas

mathias thomas
Nantes / Au service des entreprises et de leur développement, sans ambition de changer le monde, mais celle de concevoir avec passion.
mathias thomas
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ECLIPSE Lampe de table by LUCENTE - Gruppo Rostirolla design Dodo Arslan

Sometimes we need a bit of a reminder when we leave something on a shelf or coffee table that it’s there. Why not highlight it with a great lamp that not only lights up the area but can be used for storage of essential items. ECLIPSE is a reflected table…

SMÄCK Trigon - Camera & Packaging concept by Mårten Andersson, via Behance

Smack Trigon Camera - Photographers will see beauty in the more functional aspects of a camera, such as in the look of their intricately assembled lenses and in the ergo.

Vessyl, le premier verre connecté qui analyse les boissons

Mark One co-founder Justin Lee and Yves Behar, along with the fuseproject team, introduced Vessyl, a smart cap that automatically knows what’s inside and intelligently tracks drinking in real-time, empowering consumers to make healthier choices.