Pictos illus

Illustration + Good color scheme + Awesome details + Illustrations are unified by their simplicity, few colors, slight shadow beneath each one + Repetition with background color vector objects

Cette épingle a été découverte par Marie | Créativité + Photo + Aquarelle…

Commuters 1 by Sukanto Debnath! // it's a spring break goal to take each of these groups and write character frames for each of them. Then maybe one might turn into a good protagonist:)

favorite fonts for branding | font pairing guide | sans serif vs serif fonts | Reux Design Co.

Classic modern fonts for branding, serif & sans serif fonts, serious fonts, luxury brand, fonts for logo wordmark

BBVA Corporative Illustration by Mauco Sosa // Note sur la palette, et géométrie…

BBVA Corporative Illustration style guide by Mauco Sosa. The objective was to achieve a clear and practical illustration style with a corporate approach but also with unique character and personality.


Sans Serif Sans Serif is the opposite of Serif, I remember this by saying that San Serifs as no tales. Sans Serif fonts are my preferred fonts, especially as some San Serif types gives a more modern feel and approach to work.

Station de sport d'hiver

Isometric colorful vector background with ski resort and mountains by filip robert, via Shutterstock

60 Free Sans Serif Fonts to Give Your Designs a Modern Touch – Design School:

60 Free Sans Serif Fonts to Give Your Designs a Modern Touch