papiers chiffonnés

Sub Plans- Extra Projects-Crinkled paper & markers - This seems pretty simple! sub plan - fractured art, maybe use this as a link between Mondrian and Pollack

"Taikapuut". Lyijykynän päällä on töpötelty hopean tai kullan väristä pulloväriä. Rungot ja oksat väriliiduilla. Sopii myös pienimmille oppilaille. (Alakoulun aarreaitta FB -sivustosta / Virpi Janhunen)

Metallic trees Klimpt Winter - I do these but use neon colors for the leaves.might have to try different metallics next year!

Day 6 - Decorate some rocks in festive colours and phrases before thieving them on neighbours' doorsteps or on a local trail.

Chicken, Stamps, Farm Animals, Japanese Art, Hens, Bunnies

How to draw and paint a three-quarter view snowman

Adorable Close-up Snowman Painting


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[Histoire de l’art] L’oeuvre d’art de la semaine

fiches oeuvres d'art: artist of the week with PDF activity sheet. Also has timeline and student evaluation