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Self-Portrait - Pablo Picasso,1900,Early Years Period,Museu Picasso,Barcelona,Spain

Self-Portrait, 1900 Pablo Picasso; the simplicity of the sketch but also the labored eyes, the cheekbones and planes of the face are gorgeous

RAFFAELLO Sanzio Study of Heads, Mother and Child 1509-11

onlyartists: “ Raphael Study of Heads, Madonna and Child Drawing · Silverpoint, British Museum, London ”

raffaelo - head of a woman

Sanzio Raffaello Head of a woman Sun « Sanzio Raffaello « Artists « Art might - just art

Bedouin Women Carrying Water Jars, John Singer Sargent, 1891:

off Hand made oil painting reproduction of Bedouin Women Carrying Water Jars, one of the most famous paintings by John Singer Sargent. John Singer Sargent painted the study Bedouin Women Carrying Water Jars in Th.

Self Portrait - Joan Miró, 1919

Joan Miro - Self portrait by Joan MiroJoan Miro - Self portrait Description:Self portrait of the Spanish artist Joan Miro - Musée Picasso Paris (France)Categories:Cubism Painting Visual

A inveja que originou a arte da Capela Sistina

A inveja que originou a arte da Capela Sistina