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Les films de #superhéros prévus jusqu'en 2020

Supermovies: This Is What The Next Few Years Of. - Supermovies: This Is What The Next Few Years Of Your Life Looks Like - (Updated With Marvel Studios Phase 3 Releases) The Warner Bros. announcement of ten upcoming movies based on DC.

Infographie : les super-héros les plus riches

The World's Richest Superheros! I am slightly surprised that Black Panther is with 500 Billion, but with that much Vibranium, what do you expect? Still believe that Batman is richer than Iron Man though

Près de 30 d'histoire de films Marvel [Infographie]

Marvel Movie History Infographic - spanning almost 30 years. Their first four movie's were considered failures. George Lucas was so deep in debt after Howard The Duck bombed, that he had to sell off Lucasfilm's CGI department to Apple founder Steve Jobs .

Trois arbres généalogiques de l’univers MARVEL qui vous permettrons de mieux comprendre les relations entre tous ces super héros répartis en trois familles : Avengers, X-Men et 4 Fantastiques. Des arbres généalogiques imaginés par l’illustrateur anglais Joe Stone. Si vous voulez allez plus loin vous pouvez aussi consulter les relations amoureuses dans l’univers X-Men ! (bon courage)

Three family trees of the MARVEL universe that will allow you to better understand the relationships between all these superheroes divided into three families: Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Family trees designed by the British illustrator Joe Stone.