lilo and stitch quotes - wouldn't say we're broken but were little and we do pretty darn well on our own :)

Lilo and stitch quote- Man I love this movie and I never will forget what ohana means!

L’Amour – Québec Meme +

Si on vit tous comme sa moi j'ai mais si seulement c'était comme sa 😭

Modérément tout de même car je rencontre souvent des gens bien, how lucky I am...

It's not my fault if if my middle finger makes inappropriate gestures. He does whatever he wants after all, he is an adult Majeur = middle finger


I love there relationship so much like Stiles cares about Malia so much and she needs him. ughhh<<<okay I like this but STYDIA

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Funny pictures about Unnecessary Things That You Probably Want To Buy. Oh, and cool pics about Unnecessary Things That You Probably Want To Buy. Also, Unnecessary Things That You Probably Want To Buy photos.

Toutes les filles ont besoin de ce dragon

Comic artist Pedro Arizpe of Port Sherry made this cute comic called "Helping the Princess" - dragon, knight

Me and Josh always play fight  We always have poke wars and tickle each other. ~Alexis Nightmare ©

Never Defy The LIONQUINN lion kissing couple love. that last slide gets crazy! Other wise the rest is adorable and finally some brunette girl and a blonde guy like me and my bf :)

Les maitres du monde ont du mal le matin. On va attendre un peu pour la domination complète de l'univers.

Pour des matins qui chantent "And if thou hast noted that I had put two panties, bravo, you're obviously more awake than I was morning.