Nimono are items simmered in dashi (fish stock) and seasoned with salt, soy sauce, sake, mirin (sweet rice wine), and sometimes sugar or other condiments.

Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori Bento

Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori Bento ~ Place Winner in Bento&Co's 2012 contest

Hiyashi Chuka Bento Box Lunch

hiyashi chuka bento--Saba Man has converted to “fish only” so there’s no more ham or chicken covering his noodles. Instead he has kamaboko fishcake, egg omelet and tofu for protein. He also has crunchy seaweed and a dab of pickled ginger.

Cute bento boxes and sushi plates are popular in Japan and are becoming more common in America. These pictures of cute bento boxes are too cute to eat!

Hello Kitty Bento Box and Bento

Hello Kitty Bento Box and Bento

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