House Cliv / OYO_ Wild staircase: metal painted orange & wood.

Galería de Casa Cliv / OYO - 3

Future House, Futuristic Architecture, Future Home, House Cliv / OYO_ Wild staircase: metal painted orange, modern interior

LaSelva and Iván Zúñiga design range of concrete home accessories

Spanish-Mexican studio LaSelva has released a collection of small concrete accessories for the home in collaboration with designer Iván Zúñiga

Minimal Immensity on Behance

DIY NATURE CONTEMPLATIONReal reduced nature models for home. As a reminder of the close relationship between each other.

Amplifier Prototype on Behance

High fidelity fully working protoype for an desktop amplifier.

Pop up Interactive Apartment

Pop up Interactive Apartment by Jeroen van Lith. For the last decades, cities have become bigger, more diverse and denser. Citizens are asked to live in tinier houses, while demanding larger spaces and greater variety.

Pointer Here on Behance

Pointer Here is a minimalist design created by Russian-based designers Maximovich Design. Pointer Here is an object that will help you to not forget small but important daily items such as your.

Ethia air purifiers -2013 on Behance

Ethia air purifiers in 2013