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While I can't suggest trying to squeeze a cat into a Pokeball, these ten very catchable cats do indeed look just like Pokemon!


Sure, looks cute but have you ever tried wrapping presents around a feline? Mine jumps and runs across the paper every time I go to make a cut.and when I scoot her away from the paper, she chews on the bows & ribbon! (but it is kind of fun!

Christmas Cats

Funny pictures about Crazy cat lady Christmas tree. Oh, and cool pics about Crazy cat lady Christmas tree. Also, Crazy cat lady Christmas tree.


I won't be the cat-mom who puts my kitty in a ridiculous costume. Here's a compilation of kitty costumes!


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Cat racing- n. an attempt to have cats become similar to dogs by placing them in numbered boxes, with a result in all participants laying down.: to cat race; to race someone to sleep or sleep longest

Disneyland for a cat

* * " Allz dem boxes of dead tourists! Disneyland be one bigs mouse trap fer peoples.


From Jenny Parks, who brought us all 11 Doctors as cats, here are the cat Avengers (Catvengers?), with special guest appearances by feline versions of Loki,


So true! I wonder what their obsession is with empty boxes and bags work as well. This site just takes you to the same picture. Too bad it doesn't work on feral cats. It would make catching them a lot easier.

Suicide ?

Suicide ?