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an image of two people hugging each other
Berserk guts casca
a drawing of a man wearing a helmet with his face partially hidden by the mask
Guts in Berserker armor, colored
Comic Art, Comics, Batman, Good Manga, Manga Anime
an image of a man in armor standing on top of a pile of demonic creatures
Are you already wearing your anime outfit? Search for your favorite character in our anime Store in my bio or arte description. Use code pseudo10 for 10% off ( Message me for any doubt ) #berserk #guts #griffith #casca
a demonic looking dragon with red flames on it's face and head, standing in front of a dark background
an anime character with black hair wearing armor and holding his arm out to the side
Guts PFP
New chapter never I guess
an image of a man sitting in the middle of a tunnel with words on it
a drawing of a man wearing a helmet with his face covered by metal horns and teeth
Wallpaper BERSERK
Hero's Journey, Fantasy Comics, Anime Drawing, Manga Covers