They are REAL!

Disney animals in real life. why is Simba chasing Rafiki? Disney animals in real life why is Simba chasing Rafiki?

18.) The last picture of the Titanic before sinking (1912).

Last picture of the TItanic leaving Queenstown (Cobh), Ireland on her maiden voyage to New York, April 1912 how eerie

Recycler ses bouteilles de vin

Easy Crafts for Christmas: Candle in a Wine Bottle Table & Desk Lamps Bottle Candle christmas Craft DIY Recycled Tutorial Wine

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The Greatest TV Pets: Lassie, Lassie

1.) William Harley and Arthur Davidson (1914).

William Harley and Arthur Davidson, 1914 -- The Founders of Harley Davidson Motorcycles 60 Rare Photos That Will Destroy Everything You Knew about The Past

3.) The Beatles before their iconic Abbey Road shot.

The Beatles waiting to cross Abbey Road during the photoshoot for the legendary album cover.

28.) The construction of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco (1937).

Golden Gate under construction, San Francisco, 1937 64 Historical Pictures you most likely haven’t seen before. # 8 is a bit disturbing! - Golden Gate under construction, San Francisco.

19.) The beloved Hachiko before his burial.

Amazing Things in the World's Photo: The last photo ever taken of Hachikō, the dog who waited for 9 years after the death of his master outside the train station every morning until he himself passed away in

38.) Buzz Aldrin taking a selfie in space (1966).

filethisunder: “spaceexp: “Buzz Aldrin’s self-portrait during Gemini 12 with the Earth reflecting off his visor, 12 November 1966 ” A selfie to rule them all.

Cast of the show "Thirty Something"

thirtysomething---Loved them! Wanted to be a yuppie because of this show.