Ceramics by Frances Lambe

Frances Lambe The work springs from visual research into disparate areas of interest including geography, biology, botany and astronomy. She is fascinated by the visual ‘inter-relatedness’ of life on.

Christina Guwang #ceramic_bowl  #clay

title unknown ~ clay ~ by christina guwang -- would love to fill this w/ tea and curl up in a chair!

Nuala O'Donovan ceramics

Nuala O'Donovan ceramics sculpture that I've photographed back in June

Debra Fleury

ceramicsnow: Debra Fleury: Husk, White Stoneware and underglaze. Fired to Cone 1 (neutral atmosphere). Dimensions 13 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm

The Arm blog: ceramics by Rose Cabat

Quest For Contentment: Pottery: Contemporary, Japanese, Interesting Forms, and Other Vessels Of Inspiration

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