Easy Entertaining Decor with Martha Stewart Crafts by Plaid. I am stalking my craft store for these! -tt

Of course they use stencils to get those flawless chalkboard designs! they use liquid chalk to last longer. Martha Stewart Erasable Liquid Chalk - great for DIY chalkboard projects!

I like the 'n' in white. It's a creative way to show the word.

Logo Inspiration

There is consistent proximity throughout the logotype. The negative space forming the "N" makes sense with the name because looking at the logotype engages the audience when locating the "N". I also think the logotype font works well bold.

Watercolor Cards

Wonderful & Whimsical: DIY Watercolor Invitations


I'm only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand. Although as an author I am responsible for making readers understand--a reader who doesn't understand is an unhappy reader. (And there is some value to leaving some questions unanswered.

10 Lifesaver Last-Minute DIY Wedding Ideas | Weekly Wedding Inspiration

10 Lifesaver Last-Minute DIY Wedding Ideas from @WeddingMix

A birthday calendar guestbook is such a good idea – that way you already have everyones birthdays from both sides to start your new life.

Papercraft: Minimalist Paper Food Design

A must have book for the papercraft lover. I am currently in love with this book. Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper

Les amateurs d'infographies et de datavisualisation le savent. Avec une analogie visuelle, l'information est plus digeste, plus compréhensible et donc plus

72 possibilités pour une information plus visuelle #dataviz

Fogg #identity #packaging #branding #marketing PD

Brand identity, collateral and website design for a global Internet access solution, Fogg mobile. We developed logotype, guidelines and other brand tools.

The art of negative space: 10 amazing examples

Negative space: 18 brilliant examples

Kama Sutra Book Cover Design by Malika Favre. This cover was rejected by Penguin for being too tame and not sexy enough.

Quand l'art témoigne de la plus grande intelligence. La photographie, la vraie n'est domptée que par de vrais maîtres.

Which of these two double-headed illusions do you think is best? Vote your choice by commenting below. In each image, which face did you see first? Face forward or face to the side?