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teen wolf | the human and the beast side of teen wolf characters

The human and the beast side of teen wolf characters. This is very similar to the other image of the eyes but i prefer this one as it does change the eye colour but it also shows the creature and animalistic side of the characters.

While some Teen Wolf fans are diehard Stiles Stilinski-Derek Hale shippers, others believe Dylan O’Brien’s character belongs with someone else — Lydia Martin. Enter: the Stydia shippers. Sure, Shelley Hennig seems to be quite the fan of the romance Stiles currently has going on with Malia, but to each their own — everyone has a preference.

Memes that prove Teen Wolf fans ship Stydia (Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin) as a couple; MTV show Fanfiction, quotes; Cute moments between Dylan O'Brien & Holland Roden