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dirty hands, happy heart -If you don't get paint on your hands and clothes when you're painting, you're doing it wrong.


BULLETT magazine / Picture by Mathieu Missiaen, Style by Morgane Nicolas, Make up by Juan Romero, Model by Jenna (Next model) and Jeremie (Rockmen). Shot at l’atelier Carré in Paris.

This is the Uniform.

opaqueglitter: This Is The Uniform’s 002 Collection ‘Does This Look Right?

Astrid Tirlea's Eccentrically Constrained Couture

Eccentrically Constrained Couture

Astrid Tirlea - Romanian fashion design student Astrid Tirlea masterfully explores the art of Kinbaku, or Shibari (Bondage as we know it), and how it can be transl.