Acrylic pour

18 x 24 inch acrylic pour by Christine Purdy- Fluid paintings remind me of the various Nebulas that are found in the universe

Water drops

Eric Cheung Photography Water drops - Clado loves to drink water beads on nested root tails.

het lijkt alsof de textuur veelzijdig is, maar dit niet echter niet zo. de afbeelding is met waterverf gemaakt.

Cliff Briggie combines water, colour and ice to create these complex abstract visuals. These abstract ice paintings are pleasing to the eye and can be used for future textile patterns.

#Hyperrealism Art Work by Francois Chartier

Art work by Francois Chartier. "Art for Art's Sake," x oil on canvas. Click through and take a look at his "Wet Paint" series.

Mushroom Gills

Art in Nature - natural sea coral with beautiful rippling textures; organic inspirations for design I love the layering and texture in these corals- reminds me of mushroom etchings i have already produced.


uv-ray: cosmic-dust: alexissays oceanofmind vasuki manmadepsychedelics (via cosmic-dust) (via uv-ray)

Milky Ways by Mihoko Ogaki Explores Ideas of Life, Death, and Rebirth (via Milky Ways by Mihoko Ogaki Explores Ideas of Life, Death, and Rebirth and

Mihoko Ogaki Installations

Light After Death: Mihoko Ogaki’s ‘Milky Way’ Figures Project Stars from Within In her ongoing series of figurative sculptures titled Milky Ways, artist Mihoko Ogaki explores ideas of life, death, and.