Garden design designer clapham balham battersea small low maintenance modern garden (21)

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siergras northwind - Google zoeken

Tall Grass behind rock wall. May have to lift tree canopy for this option.

Love the steel frame glass doors.

Like: steel square window panes, inclusion of white stucco, interior design

bambous en tant que brise-vue naturel sur la terrasse

Bambou en pot – brise-vue naturel et déco sur la terrasse

Bamboo Privacy Screen - great alternative to a regular privacy wall and planting…

pour avoir une jolie maison, quelle balustrade extérieure choisir

Variantes pas cher pour choisir la balustrade extérieure?

Haie de bambous en pot pour le balcon

Un jardin parfaitement dessiné

Recipientes con seto de bambú para el balcón - Hedge bamboo pot for balcony…

[Mr. Goodwill Hunting]- love the oversize chalkboard art,  floor to ceiling windows and industrial table /chairs

Go Ahead & Introduce Yourself To The Chalkboards That Will Soon Be Decorating Your House, Image: The Grounds Coffee Shop, Australia. And I'm focusing on the floor, lol =) Would like to have that industrial style, including the chalkboard


A more practical approach to an entire wood facade; setting the windows to the background helps the wood remain whole about the facade while allowing for daylight purposes.