The era of the 1960s is synonymous with dramatic political and social revolution and change. This decade saw the conservatism and restrictio...

"Girl at Rolling Stones concert" : Stone’s free concert in Hyde Park, London in The caption reads: “Hats off to teenage fashion … as displayed by the eye-catching sequins worn by Pamela Donaldson (…)”. Photo by Ian Harris,

Creative Pop Art Initiative by Rui Pinho

Creative Pop Art Initiative by Rui Pinho

Portuguese artist Rui Pinho’s work is inspired by pop culture. After a collage titled Mona Pizza, mixing Leonardo Da Vinci Gioconda and a pizza part, he

Willyverse Vaporous Women Portraits – Fubiz Media

Nigerian photographer Willyverse is one of the main emerging African photographers, an emblematic heir of a visual culture based on contrasts. His knowledge of colors and shades, his passion for …