20 Inspirational Craft & DIY Ideas

Your students will think that these penguin projects are "COOL!" Use water bottles, cotton balls, wiggly eyes, and construction paper to create these cute winter penguins. Using a strong glue, you c (Water Bottle Projects)

Vidéo d'animaux de l'Arctique

Our first slideshow, dedicated to arctic animals. - Arctic fox - Polar bear - Arctic wolf - Harp seal - Walrus - Narwhal - Arctic hare - Snowy owl - Peary ca.

Patterned Polar Bear Art Project

Patterned Polar Bear Art Project -

This is a dreamy way to create a beautiful Arctic sunset or Northern lights backdrop for your winter scenes. Materials: Polar Bear Template Oil Pastels Sharp Object Ice Bear: The Arctic World of Polar Bears This simple yet evocative book explores th