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21 Adorables bricolages de jardinage à faire avec les enfants! - Bricolages - Trucs et Bricolages

These fun and functional are easily made out of the recycled materials lying dead or useless around you like the pallet wood, tree wood, broken or cracked crockery, bowls, wine glasses or anything that you think has served its primary function.

Ateliers sur les cinq sens (l'ouïe)

Re-use Plastic Easter Eggs and make a Musical Sound Shakers Sound Set. I think for younger kids I'll glue them shut and just make them "shakers" but this is a good idea for older toddlers.

Super, ce week-end, c’est Pâques. C’est donc la folie des œufs cachés dans le jardins. Des grandes parties de cache-cache dehors s’annoncent. Avec cet article, on vous donne des alternatives à la chasse aux trésors. Une chasse aux trésors sensorielle pour s’amuser avec tous les sens ! 1. Chasse aux trésors des Pirates ! Où …

Pirate party - digging for treasure cute idea for kids Halloween party.each parent brings a bucket full of sand already filled with the trinkets they want their kid to find - can be a colored bucket the kids can use at the beach the next summer!