Travailler les formes avec des objets du quotidien

Graphing Shapes fun to get kids moving at at school!

I use this still today.  I really wish more teachers would teach this. Kids will use it their entire life and NEVER count on their fingers.

Touch point math -Kids will use it their entire life and NEVER count on their fingers.

Apprendre à compter, jeu à imprimer

Learn to count, play print

Comptine La poule

Comptine La poule - Paroles illustrées de la comptine "La poule" à imprimer

Comptine La poule

Image du Blog

Image du Blog

Atelier autonome : le chiffre manquant MS GS

Atelier autonome : le chiffre manquant MS GS (Zaubette)

the missing digit level 1

comptine un gros escargot chez Stasia

comptine Un gros escargot chez Stasia: tribune libre - école petite section

Fichiers PDF téléchargeables Versions en couleurs et en noir et blanc 5 pages, 4 manchots par page Les élèves doivent dessiner ou placer le nombre d'objets indiqué sur le poisson dans le bedon du manchot. Le document contient 20 cartes de 1 à 20 (4 par page, 5 pages). Si vous faites l'activité sous forme d'atelier, je vous suggère de plastifier ce document pour le conserver plus longtemps.

PDF files Language: Universal Color, Black & White Page Size: X 11 in. 5 pages, 4 penguins per page Children draw or place the indicated number of elements in the penguin's belly.

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Touch Dots - I really hope they don't still teach math this way.  I learned using this method and I will tell you from experience, this has made it incredibly difficult to learn MENTAL math. Because I learned the touch dot system at such a young age, my brain is pretty much programmed to use this method when adding/subtracting.

I was shocked to find out our school district was not teaching kids touch math unless they were in special education. All kids should learn this in kindergarten, so they don't fall into special education.