Lovely airport play by 'play lukas 009' - love the addition of the lights (",)

Lovely airport play, structures of layout, space creation, loose parts play, selecting appropriate items for airport

Paper roll craft : Airplane

Our ever favorite TP rolls have sent us to make another paper roll craft . This time we made Airplanes. This is a super easy and very kid friendly paper roll craft.

A rocket and an astronaut spin around during this science project.

Space Boy by Leo Landry is such a fun book. We just had to do some fun learning and snacking activities based on the book.

Twinkl Resources  Australian Passport Template   Classroom printables for Pre-School, Kindergarten, Primary School and beyond! passport, airline, australia,

This handy Australian passport template will really bring your role play to life - can be used with holidays, travel agents and airport role play!

The Forces on an Airplane:  One of many videos produced by MIT for 1st - 12th grade science.

Aaron (star of The Science of Bouncing) explains the forces on an airplane in this video from our pilot rounds

Airplane in dramatic play using overhead projector

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