Sometimes all it takes is a little kick start in the morning to give your day a fresh start.

Find The Best Diet Plan For Your Wedding

With these delicious smoothie recipes, you’ll have enough energy to be running around from work to dress fittings to meeting your vendors. I absolutely love a pre game boost shake before I go and play a lax game! Be healthy!

Vitamin Load Your Detox Water for Weight-loss & Beautiful Skin (Bye Bye Belly Bloat & Cravings!)

MyBestBadi: Vitamin Load Your Detox Water for Weight-loss & Beautiful Skin (Bye Bye Belly Bloat & Cravings!

make your own chai masala...

How To Make Ridiculously Easy And Delicious Chai

How To Make Ridiculously Easy And Delicious Chai. Because we aren’t into overpriced coffee shops either. (vegan = use vegan milk)

Boisson détox au thé, citrons, gingembre et basilic. Ingrédients : 2 citrons- 5 morceaux de gingembre- 3/4 tasse de feuilles de basilic, non tassées- 3 càs de miel- 9 tasses d'eau bouillante. Laisser infuser jusqu'à refroidissement et enlever les ingrédients. Boire très froid. Recette sur le site.

Lemon, Ginger and Basil Iced Tea

This lemon, ginger and basil detox iced tea will leave you feeling refreshed, hydrated and energized… 2 lemons 5 ginger coins cup basil leaves, loosely packed 3 tbsp honey 9 cups boiling water

flower cubes

floral ice cubes, just perfect for entertaining boho style . via-butterfly-diaries: DIY Floral Ice Cubes

15 yummy hot chocolate recipes

15 yummy hot chocolate recipes

15 yummy hot chocolate recipes - perfect for the holidays! Gab Solórzano Gab Solórzano @ Shabby Creek Cottage mmm this sounds very good on a cold winter night

Eau détox fraise pastèque menthe

Eau détox fraise pastèque menthe 10 large strawberries ½ cup of sliced watermelon ¼ cup of mint leaves 6 cups of water Ice

Citrus is in season.. Make yourself a ginger citrus smoothie!

Citrus Ginger Smoothie serving) 2 clementines, peeled and divided into sections 1 banana piece of fresh ginger, skin removed cup nonfat Greek yogurt 1 tsp agave nectar ice cubes

Easy Strawberry Lemonade Iced Tea recipe for summer

Strawberry Lemonade Iced Tea

Strawberry lemonade iced tea sounds divine for summer. Our team is definitely looking forward to trying this delicious drink recipe. If whipping up your own drinks sounds like too much hassle, just PINCH it!

Vegan Peach, Oat & Chia Smoothie

31 Healthy And Delicious Ways To Cook With Chia Seeds

peach oat smoothie: 2 ripe peaches, quartered, pits removed 1 tbsp chia seeds cup rolled oats (gluten free for G-free eaters) frozen banana (peeled before freezing) cup fresh orange juice cup unsweetened almond milk

pomegranate seeds in ice cubes.

Pomegranate Heart Ice Cubes The coolest thing to do with pomegranate seeds is to make fun ice cubes fit for any party drink! They look cute and add a little flavor! from foodgawker.

Strawberry ice cubes

Kick ice cubes up a notch. Freeze pomegranate seeds or sprigs of fresh rosemary in water, then pop the cubes in glasses of white wine or lemonade. (Not that I would *ever* put ice cubes in my wine glass.but otherwise, a great idea.

Summertime Sun Tea | Thirsty for Tea

These sugar-free iced tea & fruit combos are AWESOME for summer. "Say goodbye to sodas this year with some wholesome Summertime Sun Tea. Summertime Sun Tea is the drink of sunshine and rainbows…colorful, nourishing, and just plain delicious!