plants in the bedroom

Indoor plants with bead-like leaves, string of pearls are usually planted in hanging baskets. The string of pearls indoor plants grows well in bright light.

Small Cup Planters by Dana Bechert - influenced by the traditional Acoma Pueblo style of Native American pottery, her ceramics are both abstract and intricate.

Parfait le coup de la cloche pour éviter que mon débile de chat ne mange les fausses plantes !

6 idées déco pour sublimer vos plantes autrement !


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air plant bell cups

DIY Painted Air Plant Bell Cups

Super niedliche Blumentopf Idee l DIY Painted Air Plant Bell Cups via Lovely Indeed

Style Déco || Meuble

La végétation s'installe dans vos intérieurs.

How to create a turf seat

How to create a turf seat around a tree. Imagine leaning against the tree and looking out over your own garden. - Gardening And Patio

S'offrir des plantes grimpantes

Notre intérieur passe en mode jardin d'hiver