Picasso and Jacqueline, 1955 ~Via Pamela Scott

Pablo Picasso and Jacqueline Roque, 1955 - She is best known as the muse and second wife of Pablo Picasso. Their marriage lasted 11 years until his death, during which time he created over 400 portraits of her.

Pablo Picasso, "Still Life with Fishing-net", 1925. Cubism example.

Pablo Picasso, "Nature morte au filet de pêche" [Still life with fishing net], Juan-les-Pins, summer 1925

Pablo Picasso - Portrait Of Man Ray, 1934

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Picasso, Owl on a chair

amare-habeo: Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881 – Owl on a chair (Hibou sur une chaise), 1947 Oil on canvas

"Paloma et sa poupée" (Paloma and her Doll, 1952), by Pablo Picasso. Oil on plywood. Location: MoMA. Photo by Eric Baudouin

"Paloma et sa poupée" (Paloma and her Doll) 1952 - Pablo Picasso - Oil on Plywood - MoMA


Pablo Picasso - Bust of a Woman Oil with fixed black chalk on canvas. ( original is at the Norton Simon Museum.