1-#superhero backdrop tutorial

How to Create a Superhero Backdrop

Hooty's Homeroom: Superhero Theme also has behavior superhero themed chart

I haven’t always had a theme for my classroom but I’ve decided I really like having one. For me, having a theme makes putting the room toge.

*Superhero Birthday poster, create as bulletin board, take pictures of groups of kids for each month holding up their number & put in squares!

Superhero Birthday poster

A perfect addition to your superhero classroom. Print using any printing program or upload and print online (Vistaprint always has coupons and does great work!

Affichage anniversaire Loup

You know you're pissed when you're typing your best friend a whole frikin essay at lightning speed but you're misspelling the whole shit.

Affiches pour porte (La classe de Laurène)

Affiches pour porte (La classe de Laurène)

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