STUDIO GHIBLI art nouveaux. Absolutely wonderful. I especially love the extras in the spirited away and the hair in the laputa piece.

Studio Ghibli VS. Art Nouveau – Les films cultes revisités

OMIGOD MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS GHIBLI AND NOUVEAU! Pixiv user marlboro creates richly detailed portraits of the characters from Hayao Miyazaki's films. Each art nouveau-flavored illustration is packed with images and symbols from each movie.

Anime manga One Piece / iFunny :)

One Piece ~ Monkey D. Luffy's Logic -- That's our lovable Luffy for ya!

Fairy Tail

Good friends and best friends

One Piece wanted posters

Interview d' Eiichiro Oda, Numéro 2

Traf law

Dear Law by on DeviantArt - MY HEART (pirate). Law's past killed me. I couldn't stop crying when Corazon died too.