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an old book with the title english folkloree written in gold and black on it
English Folk Lore ...Rev. T.F. Thiselton-Dyer 1878
an open book with some type of writing on it's page and the title in french
La chair du personnage
Extrait de "Misery" de Stephen King
an old book with writing on it and two pages that have been written in cursive ink
Le Livre des Tables : petits dialogues avec les morts
Ce que dit la bouche d'ombre
an old photo of a man standing next to a rock
Le Livre des Tables : petits dialogues avec les morts
Victor Hugo photographié par Charles. Rocher des Proscrits, Jersey, 1855.
an old man with glasses is typing on a typewriter in front of a dark background
Une nuit avec Stephen King
Une nuit avec Stephen King
an old book with gold letters and ornate designs on the front cover, in red
UF Digital Collections
Earl Whiting, or, The career of a nameless boy
the lady of the lake is shown in green and gold foil on a black background
oldbookillustrations: Front cover from The lady of the lake, by Walter Scott, illustrated by Charles Edmund Brock. London, 1904. (Source:
a man is looking through the window of a book store
book's man
Old books store in Lyon, France (books man by bellisario :: photography, via Flickr)
a woman is sitting on a bench reading a book while wearing high heels and scarf
Use the following words in a ten-minute free write: 1. BENCH, 2.GRIPPED, and 3. WOODEN or GREEN. **Standards: L5, W3, W10 (distinguishes among connotations such as giggle/snicker/guffaw, uses precise words/phrases, writes routinely within time frames) ** Lesson link: (Photo source link below)
a shelf filled with lots of books next to a brick wall covered in dirt and paper
The Lost Desert Libraries of Chinguetti
The Lost Desert Libraries of Chinguetti
a stack of folded books sitting on top of a blue wall
books & art
Very Cool Book Art! Want to create your own book art? Purchase old books from a Friends of the Library Book Sale. Fine out about upcoming book sale information @