Quatrième mur

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the video game is playing in an old style room with two signs that say we can use our bubbles
Deadpool brise le quatrième mur
Deadpool : the game
deadpool comic with captioning that reads, so i have about six pages to kill ten presidents and their pentagons say it's montage time
Yeah? Well My God Has A Hammer
Deadpool (2012) #4 Oh Deadpool. You and your fourth wall breaking.
deadpool is sitting on the ground with his head in his hands and an empty thought bubble above him
More often than not, you're thinking about Batman.
More often than not, you’re thinking about Batman. | Community Post: 12 Signs You're Deadpool So I'm deadpool
a comic strip with deadpool saying do i still think in those little yellow boxes?
I love Deadpool and how he just acknowledges the fact he's a fictional character. There is, like, no fourth wall in Deadpool comics.