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Mes peintures, mes carnets de voyages mes coup de cœur tout ce que j'aime et qui alimente mon imagination
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an abstract painting on wood with leaves and dots in the sky, surrounded by other art pieces
Minimal Magic Class: Bring Ease and Calm Into Your Art Practice — LAURA HORN ART
an abstract painting on display in a room
a drawing of a turtle with writing on it
#carnet voyages #sketchbook #vietnam #muriel Meynle
a drawing of a dragon with chinese writing on it's back and the words written in english
#carnet voyages #vietnam #sketchbook #muriel Meynle
a drawing of a map with writing on the side and an image of a river running through it
a watercolor painting of boats in the harbor with writing on it's side
#vietnam #mui ne #fishing village #sketch travel #muriel Meynle
a black and white drawing of a basket full of food next to a person holding a cane
Trieuse de coquillage #sketch#vietnam #muriel Meynle
an open notebook with a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground in front of a building
a drawing of a man riding a bike next to a woman on a bench with writing all over it
@Muriel Meynlé Carnet de Voyages 2015 Maroc
an open book with drawings and writing on it
Plage Sidi kouaki Maroc 2015 @ Muriel Meynlé
an open notebook with drawings and words on the pages, including flowers in pinks
Carnet de voyage Maroc
an art journal with pink flowers on it
an open notebook with a drawing of a man riding a horse on the street and another person sitting on a bench
@Muriel Meynlé carnet de voyage Maroc 2015
an open notebook with some drawings on it and a bird flying in the air next to it
@muriel Meynlé Carnet de voyages : Maroc 2015