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an old black and white photo shows two hands placing eight - ball balls into a tray
Billard Boules 13
Dans un film de Buster Keaton
a painting of a man sitting on a porch playing an acoustic guitar with the sun setting in the background
Blues Man Guitar
two men sitting next to each other with guitars in their hands and one man playing the guitar
black and white photograph of a man in sunglasses looking at something on his hand while standing next to a pole
two men standing next to each other wearing brown leather jackets and blue denim shirts, one with his hands on his hips
Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Is a Seductive Pipe Dream
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Review: Quentin Tarantino
a man with a cowboy hat on sitting in front of a fence and looking at the camera
Classic Hollywood Stars – Page 5 – Color by Klimbim 0.1
an ad for the album take on me with three men standing next to each other
This Day in Music History: October 19
This Day in Music History: October 19: 1. 18 year old Peter Frampton met Steve Marriott at a Small Faces show in London. After striking up a friendship, the two started to plan a new group which would emerge as Humble Pie the following April (1968). 2. David Bowie released his seventh album 'Pin Ups', a collection of cover versions of some of Bowie's favorite songs (1973). 3. A-Ha reached the to No.1 spot on the US singles chart with 'Take On Me' (1985).