Les gousses de stockage Motif

Storage Pods Sewing Pattern for quilting by Beth Studley I derive an unhealthy amount of joy from the knowledge that these pouches exist.

Kleiner Wal zum Kuscheln - gratis DIY Anleitung und Schnittmuster

Kleiner Wal zum Kuscheln

Adding personality to a favorite pair of jeans by sewing leather patches on them in the shapes of letters, animals and other cool designs has been and still is an interesting way to outwardly express a creative mind.

EXCELLENT !!! Certainement les meilleurs conseils que j'ai trouvés sur le sujet !

Piping is one of my favorite notions to add a special touch to a garment. I’ve used it very often in the past years, and thought it would be nice to list up all the tips and tricks I learnt f…

tuto : faire une lanière de sac en simili cuir

May make my own straps and buckles so they match. I need rounded straps but this will work for the buckles. ~ Make Your Own Vinyl/Leather Look Handbag Straps - A Tutorial - Emmaline Bags: Sewing Patterns and Purse Supplies


love the string and bead legs! Also, some are key-chains, good idea!