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an old drawing of people dressed in costumes and hats, with the caption's description
“The Fantasticks” by Al Hirschfeld
two pages from the story of sleeping beauty, with an image of prince and princess
Two versions of "Camelot" (1961), Original Broadway Production with Richard Burton, Julie Andrews, Robert Goulet, and Roddy McDowall. Art by Al Hirschfeld.
a drawing of a man sitting on a chair playing the guitar with his mouth open
Jerry Garcia by Hirschfeld
a black and white drawing of a woman surrounded by other people
Al Hirschfeld ~ Lana Turner, Ricardo Montalban, John Forsythe, Burgess Meredith, and John van Dreelen in "Madame X"
'bernadette peters in annie get your gun' by al hirschfeld Art Industry, Bernadette Peters, Music Icons, Ink Sketch, Music Icon
'bernadette peters in annie get your gun' by al hirschfeld
a black and white drawing of many people
Call Me Madame - A Perle Mesta Party , 1957.
an adult and child are playing with each other while sitting on a bench in the grass
Al Hirschfeld ~ "Play of the Week": Walter Matthau, Eddie Hodges, and Myron McCormick in "My Heart's in the Highlands"
an autographed drawing of person from the animated show
Al Pacino Authenticity Question – Autograph Live
Al Hirschfeld ~ Al Pacino in "Hughie"
a drawing of a man sitting at a table with his chin resting on his hand
Untitled Document
an old black and white drawing of a man holding a woman's hand with a castle in the background
Al Hirschfeld ~ Richard Harris, Vanessa Regrave, and Franco Nero in "Camelot"
an old drawing of two women and a man sitting down with a bottle in their hand
'herschel bernardi, maria karnilova, john cunningham, lorraine serabian, carmen alvarez in the musical zorba' by al hirschfeld