paper pom poms.

Easy Tissue Paper Pom Poms diy crafts easy crafts diy ideas diy home easy diy for the home crafty decor home ideas diy decorations by Anna . d i y .,DIY,she b crafty,

alphabet cailloux

Art idea for class. Assign one letter to each kid and have them paint it on a rock and embellish with details. Display the alphabet rock collection in class

Box + Crayons = a quiet activity for a Two Year Old  :) - putting your kid in a box?  Seems legit - D

Box Crayons = Zen Activity for Two Year Old *Maybe modify by cutting adding a door! Putting a two-year-old in a box looks questionable ~ Haha!

DIY tutorial for painting an Ikea rug. ---

DIY tutorial for painting an inexpensive rug with a Moroccan pattern. Plain carpet from Ikea - make your own stencil, use regular latex paint or textile paints.

This would be a great "cooking time" activity.

Small World Play: Cardboard Box Town

You will need to find a box but everything else can be found at the toy library. The Imagination Tree: Small World Play: Cardboard Box Town

on retourne le bouchon avec le nombre tiré au dé... le premier à avoir tout retourné, gagne!   c'est génial...

Milk cap math game for basic +/-/x/division practice - MADS Elimination. Multiply, Add, Divide, or Subtract in order to eliminate all milk caps on the playing field.

Do you know that you can Make a flower out of Paper Napkin? This Paper Napkin flower is very pretty, and it& easy to make.

Bouchons mis en valeur

Crafty Ideas for Non-Recyclable Plastic Bottle Caps. Art en bouchons# maternelle Bottle# caps# art for kids#

carte de l'aid 5

Creative Eid Card for Eid Wishes, Eid Mubarak Greetings, Eid Messages, Eid Quotes for Eid Mubarak Cards.

Easy cool

(Makeup brush holder) DIY Pencil Holder diy craft crafts easy crafts craft idea diy ideas home diy easy diy home crafts diy craft organization crafts

en francais

Five (Cinq) French Prints

Mon petit imagier - A french alphabet poster with a word and picture for each letter of alphabet.