Avant/après : Elodie rénove la chambre d'amis

Avant/après : Elodie a rénové sa chambre d'amis

Pete Bossley Architects -- Waterfall Bay House - South Island - New Zeeland

Auckland based studio Bossley Architects design the Waterfall Bay House. This 270 square meter residential home is located in Waterfall Bay, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.

L'intérieur d'une #maison #originale en forme de #coquillage!

Nautilus, maison coquillage par Arquitectura Organica

Nautilus House by Arquitectura Organica The Nautilus house located near Mexico City is a unique shell shaped house designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica. The rainbow coloured stained glass brightens up the home and make

Piscine dans un édifice http://www.elle.fr/Deco/Guide-shopping/Tous-les-guides-shopping/Les-piscines-de-reve-de-notre-ete-sur-Pinterest/

Indoor/Outdoor swimming and recreation space. that is pretty cool. the only thing I'm not a fan of is to the left. you can't really see behind. kinda not safe but overall pretty awesome

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Ces piscines qui nous font voyager et rêver

Lazy River in the backyard! I'd seriously rather have this than a pool xD or like a lazy river that flows around the yard with a hot tub/spa in the middle! Or a lazy river flowing into a pool

INSPIRATIONS DÉCO: BORD DE MER | CHEZ SOI  © TVA Publications #deco #exterieur #bois #lac #table #feu #chaise

Inspiration déco: Bord de mer

Lake House ideas, Just need the lake house first! :) - I would love to have lake house or something like this someday. the fire place would even be nice in a backyard!

cBelle steampunk | Magnifique maison victorienne… steampunk? | Yumington Magazine

Magnifique maison victorienne… steampunk?

Victorian house in Arcata, California, I love a lot of things about the architecture here. I want to live in California, might as well live in a beautiful home.

insolite maison originale baignoire transparente   32 idées insolites pour rendre votre maison originale   piscine ping pong photo original maison lit image design chat chambre aquarium

32 idées insolites pour rendre votre maison originale

35 choses indispensables à avoir dans votre maison de rêve ! Les millionnaires ont tout compris à la vie.

Quand les rôles s'inversent... L'homme envahit le monde des Aliens !

Rotating Sink, Has Cutting Board, Colander & More. This is the best thing I've ever seen -- especially if at least one of the parts is very deep like our sink. And I thought I fell in love when we changed ours to a 3 part sink, WOW!

Un patio de rêve

On a aimé sur Pinterest

A beautiful outdoor space in the heart of Amsterdam. Rustic wood plank table, mossy, brick patio floor and big, open windows

Maisons insolites et originales..

Maisons insolites et originales..

Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse located in Dietikon, Switzerland If I had a ton of money, I would invest in building a community of Hobbit holes in beautiful country side places. Wish I could live in one of these!

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20 destinations parfaites de lune de miel repérées sur Pinterest

Four Seasons Koh Samui l Luxury resorts Thailand l Holiday Resorts Koh Samui l Family vacation resort l warm and peaceful

insolite maison originale porte table de ping pong 2   32 idées insolites pour rendre votre maison originale   piscine ping pong photo origi...

32 idées insolites pour rendre votre maison originale

Funny pictures about Ping Pong Door. Oh, and cool pics about Ping Pong Door. Also, Ping Pong Door photos.

Avec l'été, la température monte et nos rêves de fraîcheur nous donnent indéniablement envie de glisser un pied dans une piscine. Histoire que le rêve devienne vraiment inaccessible, nos esprits s'aventurent sur Pinterest devant les clichés des plus belles piscines du monde dans des îles perdues, en haut d'un rooftop asiatique ou à 2000 mètres d'altitude... http://www.elle.fr/Deco/Guide-shopping/Tous-les-guides-shopping/Les-piscines-de-reve-de-notre-ete-sur-Pinterest

Kelly Klein's New Book, Pools: Reflections : News, Culture + Travel : Architectural Digest. House in Zushi, Japan

insolite maison exceptionnelle lit aquarium   32 idées insolites pour rendre votre maison originale   piscine ping pong photo original maiso...

32 idées insolites pour rendre votre maison originale

Sleep with the Fishes in Custom-made Aquarium Bed by Acrylic Tank Manufacuring. (I will not be relax sleeping under a fish tank. As beautiful as it may be, I will always dream of the tank would one day burst while you are sleeping :D