TEXTE Tu n'es plus là où tu étais, mais tu es partout là où je suis. Victor Hugo http://lumierespournosdefunts.blogspot.fr/

You're not where you were anymore, but you're everywhere I am - Victor Hugo, French poet

I Enjoy Long Romantic Walks To The Fridge yeah most romantic walk to take.

Simple Stories Sweater Weather - LOVE the fence with the berry wreath on it!

Simple Stories - Sweater Weather Collection - Chipboard Stickers: Accent fall-themed projects with the Sweater Weather Chipboard Stickers by Simple Stories. There are 41 chipboard stickers.

Demain, je me lève de bonheur :) ! #Quotes #citation #happy #bonheur #happiness

Demain, je me lève de bonheur :) In English = Tomorrow I'll wake up happy. Yup this one goes to Lora Weaver.

Oh if only...considering I'm now responsible somehow for changing the water cooler water.....humm...Monday???

How to be Charming

On Fridays I like to change the office water to vodka and start happy hour at Hahahahaha if only!