Blinis de courgettes

blinis de courgettes 1 petite courgette cm environ) 1 œuf 10 cl de lait 70 g…

Toddler + Kids Crafts - Self Portrait Puppets Made From Folding Paper

making these into self-portrait scare crows! cute little people made from a toilet paper tube and coloured paper springs-

Inspirations & idées déco chambre bébé

Inspirations & idées déco pour une chambre bébé nature et poétique

A DIY baby mobile that could be made from some quilt batting (for the cloud) and colored paper or felt (for the raindrops). This Mobil could decorate the area over a changing table (a conversation starter for teacher and baby (Early Ed.

Jouet Père Noël - make a jointed Santa using paper fasteners

Jouet Père Noël articulé à imprimer - Tête à modeler

I Heart You - Origami Hearts Bouquet.

I Heart You - Origami Hearts Bouquet - Cute idea if you have a lot of time on your hands! (and know how to make origami hearts!


DIY Paper clouds as the babies mobile! Maybe a big cloud with a few littler clouds and some rain drops falling from all!

Mi-cuit au chocolat coeur au Nutella

Recette moelleux au chocolat et son coeur fondant au Nutella

Mi-cuit au chocolat coeur au Nutella