pic via @kimfcoates - meme via Ronnie Volovnik (FB group sons-of-anarchy.net)

Charlie Hunnam & 'Sons of Anarchy' Cast Are Back Filming New Season, Share Set Pics with Fans!: Photo Charlie Hunnam zooms around on his motorcycle on Wednesday (June in Studio City, Calif. The actor recently returned to work on the Sons of Anarchy…

Comptine La nouvelle année

Comptine La nouvelle année - Paroles illustrées "La nouvelle année" à imprimer

Poésie de rentrée

Activity: replace onomatopoeias with verbs in the present tense (or the opposite).


CHANTS ET COMPTINES - 1, 2, 3, dans ma classe à moi...

"Que fait ma main" printable comptine about the different actions that a hand…

Poésie "Flocon de neige"

Poésie "Flocon de neige"