Beach bike in the garden ~ I like the petunias in the basket. I need to try flowers again in my old bike's basket. love the sign on the fence too.

randonnée rouge

A red bike with a basket full of pretty flowers and a big straw hat… Truly, the proverbial white picket fence.

vert fleuri

Vintage Bicycle Painted Green stock photo, Painted Old Bicycle with a Basket Full of Flowers by Karen Koomans

Some bikes are beautiful as they are but others could benefit from a fresh coat of paint. The next two bikes just underwent a serious transformation.This bike just became all yellow. Of course, the flowers used to decorate it with are also yellow and this way the bike stands out and brings color to the garden.{

Give your old bike a second chance and turn it into a beautiful and original decoration for your garden

I've got a bike and a market basket - I am sooo doing this! - Ginn jBike basket as flower containers. Love the yellow bike & flowers.

Vive le Printemps!

Blush Pink and Mint Rustic DIY Wedding by Beca Companioni Photography

Bike and Flowers

༺✿ Flower Pedals ✿༻ ༺✿ Baskets of Flowers Riding Bicycles ✿༻

Les Merveilles De L'Ete

New England Nautical meets West Coast Whimsical Inspiration

Still Life Photography, Bicycle Photo, Flowers

Lovely Clusters - Beautiful Shops: Still Life Photography, Bicycle Photo, Flowers