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des tables de chevet?

We've admired tree-stump stools with painted tops before (see DIY: Garden Stools); we also like these side tables made from felled logs, with exteriors painted glossy white. Designer Marie-Laure Helmkampf came up with the idea for a project in Provence.

Décorer avec des branches de bouleau blanc! 10 magnifiques idées pour un look Scandinave! - Trucs et Bricolages

Mustangs are living symbols of the American West embodying freedom, beauty, and strength. This limited edition photograph is a tribute to our wild horses. Environmentally conscious and archival materi

A Black Girl's Hair Guide by Karissa Tolliver

I love this pin because it shows how versatile African American women hair is. As an African American we can do our hair in so many styles and that's what I love about my hair so much