Vintage tattoos

Maud Wagner in first female tattoo artist. - i doubt she's the first, though perhaps one of the first Euro/American female tattoo artists to be photographed. There have been many female tattoo artists across countless cultures. She rocks, though!

bat tattoos

This is symmetrically spaced bat tattoo. Right foot bats has no fill only outlines and left foot has full filled black bats. Bat tattoo has many meanings and one of them is that bat is a symbol of communication because they're highly social creatures.

very cool.

- hands remember do you remember what things looked like when you were young? the voice of an old friend or the notes to your first song it& been awhile now since you asked me to be your cat,.

My Little pony!

My Little Pony sleeve tattoo - All kinds of cute! Love the pastels and nail paint too!

Edward Gorey tattoo

Edward Gorey tattoo of the Gashlycrumb Tinies. About a year old and still in love with it. (Done by Deirdre at Pino Bros - Cambridge, MA)

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