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an image of a black and white background with many small circles in the shape of flowers
art deco peacock feathers customized Fabric | Spoonflower
a blue book with gold feathers on it
Nature Trails 2014 - A Natural Sketchbook Exchange
an intricately decorated wall with peacocks and other animals in the center, surrounded by vines and leaves
Poissons et algues, coq, écoinçon; paons et vigne; lièvres, chiens et ronces, bordure
an old book with two different designs on the pages and one is in green, white and
Paon, grille fer forgé. Cigales et groseiller, linge damassé. Libellules et pissenlit, dentelle.
an ornate painting with blue and gold colors
Paons dans les sorbiers, pochoir; poissons et algues, bordure
a book with two peacocks on it and the title twenty centuries of paris written in gold
Books and Art
an old blue book with gold lettering and a peacock on it's front cover
Art Nouveau Covers - part 2
a poster with an image of a bird on it
Gilbert Combaz, The Free Aesthetic, 1898
an intricately designed artwork piece in black and white with swirls on the background
Will H. Bradley "The Modern Poster - Frontis art" 1895 Art Nouveau peacock design (detail modified)