I would die

Your delivery has arrived…

Funny pictures about Your delivery has arrived. Oh, and cool pics about Your delivery has arrived. Also, Your delivery has arrived.

Basket Of Kittens Happens

Basket Of Kittens Happens

Hah! I snorted. Cats go the other place, btw. Little monsters.

When religions fight…

"Free dog soul with conversion". Laughed so hard at this whole argument. I'm not religious but how can you pass up a free dog soul?

This Only Happens In Canada

This Only Happens In Canada

Aww Jared and his little Padamose babies

Just some moose in a kiddie pool watching a car on fire. must be monday in canada.


thats how its done in canada protest baiting police officers with doughnuts

The 21 Best Funny Pictures Of Today’s Internet

Terrified neighbors call police to "domestic dispute" but find man alone screaming at spider.


The singer took some nice shot at the Republican Party nominee for President of the United States Donald Trump, while comparing similar pho.