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Mélanie Mathon
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Baron von Lind (Jerry Lind) (b.1937)

Baron von Lind's pin-up girls all share a sly smile and devilish sparkle in their eye Baron von Lind (Jerry Lind) Of all his varied interests, Jerry Lind has always had a fondness for old.

Gil Elvgren

Сlassic story for the pin-up arts – pretty girls on the beach, swimsuits, water, all for your pleasure Gil Elvgren Buell Al Moore – Art Frahm Arthur Saron Sarnoff Baron Von Lind (b. Billy De Vorss Edward Runci Jay Scott Pike (b.

Jessica Rabbit Tattoo, Rabbit Tattoos, Roger Rabbit, Rabbit Art


It may have lost the academy award to the overrated Pixar monopoly, but there is no missing director Henry Selick's striking attention to detail in his gorgeously animated and visually stunning "Coraline". This is stop motion at its best.